Paving Layout/Striping

Economy Paving & Maintenance, LLC offers a wide variety of services for your West Florida parking lot. From installations to repairs and maintenance, we do it all. All material furnished meets Florida state specifications. Call us at (561) 408-1988 for a free quote on your parking lot paving project. We have the resources to take on asphalt and concrete striping for roads, streets, highways, and anything in-between
We start by drawing up plans for your parking needs to accommodate a proper number of parking spaces and drainage plans. We then get all our elevations and boundaries marked. The following step is to start the excavating process by land clearing, ducking, and installing 12” of well-compacted subgrade and then installing 6”-8” of DOT certified road base depending on engineers recommendation. Then we compact the road base to reach 98% density with the proper roller for the job, anywhere from a two-ton vibratory roller to a 15-ton static roller. The next step is to apply an asphalt prime to the rock to ensure proper adhesion. After that, we will install 1.5″ of SIII Hot Asphalt and compact it with a smooth drum asphalt roller.