Get Maintenance Tips for Your Asphalt Paving Project

Fifteen years is the average lifespan of asphalt. Depending on the surface’s use and wear, it should be sealed every 2 years for protection. Asphalt is a major investment and an asset to your commercial or residential property. If it is kept in good condition, the asphalt will increase the value of your home or business and its appearance for many years to come.

Find Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Economy Paving & Maintenance, LLC Asphalt over other companies?

We’re committed to completing your project with written and verbal communication, and we seek to meet your needs and expectations.

How do I know when Asphalt maintenance and repairs are needed?

Maintenance and repairs will be necessary when cracks appear in the asphalt. If left without repair, the cracks will become potholes.

How long should I stay off newly paved Asphalt?

Wait 72 hours for a driveway or parking lot. Roads can be driven on as soon as the asphalt is compacted.

When should I seal my new Asphalt?

Asphalt can be sealed using oil base sealer 6 weeks after the job completion date. It’s best to wait 1 year after the completion date when using a latex sealer.

What is the thickness of Asphalt?

1 Inch is common on parking lots, some are 1.5” subdivisions commonly put down 3/4” for the first year or two, then ass a second lift at making a total of 1.5” asphalt. This 3/4” holds up to all construction traffic. A minimum of 1” is used for an overlay.

Can Asphalt be resurfaced (overlaid)?

Yes, asphalt drives and parking lots can be resurfaced with a 1” overlay as long as there is no loose asphalt underneath. The existing surface is patched and prepped when needed before an overlay. If its alligator cracked in appearance you may need to strip or mill off the existing asphalt before paving.

Is the asphalt used on my drive the same as used on street and commercial parking lots?

There are lots of different asphalt, but the most common used on drives, streets, and parking lots is a S-3 D.O.T. Mix.

Does it matter what size roller is used?

Yes, because compaction is important. The thicker the asphalt, the bigger the roller needed or the more times it needs to be rolled. Asphalt needs to be rolled several times before it cools and as it cools. We use a 2-3 ton steel drum roller and a rubber tired traffic roller for “Finish” rolling.